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Puppy Preschool Program  

This is a 5-7 week course designed to slowly and properly introduce your pet to the world of grooming. We use a lot of tools and equipment that can be scary, overwhelming and potentially dangerous to dogs who don't know how to be groomed. The Puppy Preschool Program teaches your dog to behave for grooming for the next 10-15 years of their lives. 

*We will only accept puppies who either complete our program or have been getting groomed regularly elsewhere.* 

Class Schedule 

Going Through The Motions

This is the first appointment used to acclimate your puppy with the new environment of the grooming trailer, tub and table. We will essentially "go through the motions" of a full groom without the added stress of actual tools. 

Introducing The 4 Senses 

The second appointment is to introduce your puppy to the sight, smell, sound, and feel of the grooming products and tools. They will experience water around their feet & face, the blow dryer, sounds and feels of clippers and shears. Pups will also receive their first nail trim at this appointment.  

Puppy's First Mini Groom

The final class is the real deal! Your puppy will now experience it's first mini groom! He/she will receive a bath w/ special shampoo & conditioner, teeth brushing, nail trim & grind, blow out, brush out, and face, feet & fanny trim, bandanna, and cologne. 

Enrolling your pup in our Puppy Preschool Program will ensure positive grooming experiences for him/her for years to come! We invite you to check out one of our favorite podcast, "Creating Grooming Dogs" where she talks about the importance of puppies being trained for grooming. 

Pricing is for puppies under 8 months of age and includes all three courses. Total is due at first appointment. 

Short Haired .... $190 

Long Haired .... $220

*Puppies over 8 months are welcome into the program but pricing will differ. Please request an appointment for a quote. We will not accept matted puppies.  

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