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  • Do you have a grooming vehicle?
    Yes! Our self-sufficient salon on wheels in a 6x10 trailer pulled by a Chevy Silverado is where all the magic happens! No more long trips to the salon.... the salon now comes to your driveway!
  • How do you bathe my dog?
    Our salon is equipped with professional grooming tubs and tables to safely and efficiently provide the best care to your pet. We have a 50 Gal clean and dirty water tank and plumbing system including a water heater always providing warm water to keep your pup comfy!
  • What is latchkey & how does it work?
    Our expedient Latchkey Service allows our groomers to provide services to your pet even when you are not home. Owners will simply allow access into the home either by leaving a key with Pawpin' Pawz that is always kept safe & secure, a garage/door code, or by leaving a door unlocked.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    Yes! We do offer a referall discount! Refer a friend and you each receive $5 off! Good news for you, this is for every friend that you refer! Unfortunately, we do not offer a multiple dog discount.
  • Do you groom mean or aggressive dogs?
    Unfortunately no, we do not knowingly groom mean or aggressive dogs. We ask that you are transparent about your dog's groom history during booking. Upon arrival to your home, we will perform a nose to toes assessment and determine the safety of grooming. We will consider all things including behavior and health. If at any point during the groom the dog does become aggressive, services will be halted and the owner will be responsible for the full payment.
  • My dog is matted, but I still want her in a longer trim. Is this something that we can do?"
    Pawpin' Pawz Luxury Mobile Grooming is committed to providing a safe, comfortable and positive grooming experience to our K9 clients. With that, we do not offer full body dematting, or dematting of any kind for puppies and senior pets. We will spend a total of 10 minutes to dematt small areas; if the matts cannot be safely removed, the area will be taken shorter. For pets with full-body matting, we will explain the need to start fresh with a "summer" cut. Any matting will incure an upcharge between $10- $40.
  • What precautions do you have in place for COVID-19?
    - Fully vaccinated groomers - Regular handwashing - Maintaining social distance - Sanitizing frequently touch items and grooming equipment
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